We provide foundation through finish construction services in the Marin and Sonoma County areas. Our focus is in resource and energy efficiency, the utilization of recycled and reclaimed materials as much as possible, and a comfortable and non-toxic work and living environment.


Our philosophy

Our built environment around us has a big influence on our health and general well being - of not only ourselves but our families - and we strive to build the kind of environment that is low in environmental toxins that are commonly found in building materials, so that the air that we breathe while we live and sleep in our homes is safe.

Our pricing is competitive, as well as reflective of the work we do. We offer high quality craftsmanship every step of the way, because a good foundation is necessary for every aspect of life, and we pay attention to details of all sizes. It's no secret that "you get what you pay for," and we guarantee that you will be satisfied with what we deliver.

We believe in the planning process as being the highest contributor to the efficiency of the building process. Time and money spent in the planning process will pay back at least two-fold in the building process, that's money and potential frustration that YOU save.

We also believe in a clean work environment during the process, we have converted and are still converting many of our tools over to the Festool system of highest quality german made tools, which focuses not only on high quality cuts of many kinds - increasing workplace efficiency and precision - but equally on dust extraction and a safe working environment. Part of what this means is that in a remodel situation, we are able to keep your space and the air around it very low in dust pollution, as well as keep our workers safe from the typical workplace dust hazards.